About Us

At Sudarnila Builders we are on a mission to make the dream of owning a home into a reality for everyone by providing affordable homes in accessible location thus creating value for their investment. WE understand the nervousness and the excitement of buying the first home.

Subramanian Sudalayandi

Mr Subramanian Sudalayandi is an entrepreneur with a passion for creating an impact in real estate industry by creating a value system for buyers and investors. He drives the quality of our delivery by assessing and managing all aspects of our business and ensuring the right products and processes are used to get the best output for our customers. His vision is what drives our company to grow so rapidly and take on more and more complex projects.

Who We Are

We have an innovative team of experienced people, working together to provide the best for our clients. This dynamic team holds experience close to 20 years in the construction field & consists of Chief Engineer, Site Engineers, Consultant Architects, Consultant Structural Engineers.

What We Do

We have completed 1.5 Lakh sq ft of development and delivered 100+ units across Chennai. Today we have the ability and the resources to build and deliver projects on luxury and ultra luxury housing projects too.

Mission & Vision

At Sudarnila Builders, we create value in every project we do. Our mission is to create a reliable & recognisable brand in affordable housing sector known for ON-Time Delivery & Customer buying experience with Value System built based on passion, quality

Awards Achieved

Best Performer Award(2017)

Our Services

Property Development

We are veterans in promoting flats and villas across the country. We are tantamount with quality and are well known for the construction standards,

Interior Designer

We have been in the property development industry since 2008. During this stint, we understood the need for interior designs and started providing

Construction Contract

Be it building a beautiful villa, an independent house or a rent generating commercial/residential building - we make your dream come true